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“Jill lives this work. She is always just recently coming from or soon going to another training to advance her skill. Her commitment inspires me and her skill set is mind boggling."
- Rick F., Denver, CO
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This is Linda's husband Larry Brooks. Many times I have thought about how fortunate we are to have you in our lives. Seems like time to let you know!
You have done wonders for Linda and I am grateful. Best always, Larry.
Larry Brooks, Gypsum, CO

Jill, getting ready for my day this am, I walked up the stairs and felt an integrity in my body that has been absent for years.

There's still a little work to do, but for the first time I believe my body and life can be pain free.

Thank you for the years you've studied to develop your keen expertise.

And thank you for your sensitivity and great care throughout.

And know that the thanks I feel far outweigh the words in this message.
Michael G., Denver, CO

Dear Jill,
I was speechless when I said goodbye because you are so amazingly skilled and powerfully capable that I didn't know where to begin. You made it so my hip doesn't hurt all the time and with every movement anymore; I am almost afraid to say it for fear that it will go back to where it has been for 9 months, but I have been really really great in terms of feeling good. It is so good to feel normal in my hips again.
So who would have guessed my pubic bone was out of place? There is no one in this area --no one I knew-- who would have been able to find and diagnose and treat that. I am so indebted to you. It is an incredible gift to give a person her walk back and to free her from pain with every move.
- Rosalie M., MS, OTR, Roanoke, VA

A friend recommended Jill to me 4 years ago when I was looking for a way to manage pain associated with fibromyalgia. I had previously tried fibromyalgia medications and support groups, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, etc., but did not feel as if any of them significantly helped me address my personal goals (minimize pain and increase mental clarity without drugs).

The Myofascial Release work that I have pursued with Jill has been life changing! I no longer live in a “fibro-fog” until lunchtime. My flexibility and range of motion have improved dramatically and my daily pain level has decreased by at least 75%. Jill’s focus on the body-mind-spirit connection has allowed me to purge my body of toxins which have collected throughout my life (physical and emotional). Her whole-person approach has empowered me to be more aware of the physical and emotional patterns that contribute to both my pain and my well-being. Jill has given me strategies for self-treatment so that I am able to continue to work towards my goals between sessions with her. Thanks to my work with Jill, I am hoping to ski with my family this spring for the first time in 10 years!
Jill is a knowledgeable, attentive, and generous person with an incredible gift for helping others heal. Call her today!
- Amy K.., Brighton, CO

When I went to Jill, I was suffering from severe chronic pain and had completely lost touch with my ability to feel what was happening inside my body. After back surgery and physical therapy using myofascial release, I went to Jill to do myofascial release work on my entire body, not just my lumbar area. Jill discovered tension in places I never could have imagined and today I'm nearly pain free. She's an amazing professional whom I trust implicitly. I am thankful I allowed her to explore my problems in new ways and that as a result, I can live my life more fully and with better balance. Jill, her book and her ball can work miracles, if you give the work a chance. It takes a lot of time and commitment to see permanent results, but nothing else has worked for me.
- Greta Bloomfield, Golden, CO

Feeling great this morning after yesterday's work. Thanks again. My body feels 10 years younger than it did two weeks ago.
- Christopher McKinnon, Denver, CO

I suffered from chronic facial pain for 3+ years. After trips to numerous doctors, two sinus surgeries, migraine treatments, pain medications, three dental specialist, MRI and CT scans and thousands of $ spent nothing found the problem. I am now pain free and have been so for the past 6 months due to treatment by Jill for Myofascial Release. She was able to relieve my suffering in only 5 visits! The quality of my life has improved tremendously due to finally being free of pain. I highly recommend Jill for treatment. I just wish I had heard about Myofascial Release before all the other procedures.
- Joy Smith, Centennial, CO

Jill and her Myofascial Release treatments have done wonders for me. She has relieved long-standing neck and shoulder issues that did not respond to other treatments. I also appreciate all the self-treatment techniques, exercises and stretches she has taught me.
- Laura B., Denver, CO

The quality of my life changed dramatically when I became a client of Jill Stedronsky. I have had Myofascial Pain Syndrome for many years, and could never find appropriate and/or quality treatment (very few people even know what it is!). That all changed with my first session with Jill. She is extremely passionate about the value of Myofascial Release, and provides each client with caring treatment and the full range of her very considerable skills. I cannot say enough in praise of Jill and the quality and value of her Myofascial Release treatments!
- Terry B., Lakewood, CO

Jill lives this work. She is always just recently coming from or soon going to another training to advance her skill. Her commitment inspires me and her skill set is mind boggling.
- Rick F., Denver, CO

After receiving treatments from Jill for some residual pain I had in my hip as well as my ankle from an old car accident, my body began feeling free in places that I didn’t realize were constricted. The freeing of these areas of my body made a difference in my hip and ankle. What I liked most is that she taught me how to do exercises on my own that would help me going forward. Thank you Jill!
- Elsa J., Denver, CO

I have been helped so much with the myofascial therapy I received from Jill Stedronsky. I have had chronic pelvic and leg pain since 2007 but with Jill’s help, I am so much better. I am walking regularly and even skiing again. I also have the tools to use every day at home to help me continue to get better.
- Marietta C., Lakewood, CO

About one year ago I injured my back at work. In addition to terrible back pain I was also experiencing other painful and unexplained symptoms. After seeing several different physical therapists, neurologists and other doctors I was referred to Jill. She has helped me more than any other person has to date, and seems to genuinely care. I am still on the road to recovery but feel better now than I have in 15 months thanks to Jill's help.
- Jamie L., Lakewood, CO

I'm a regular ski buddy of Jill's, and gratefully so. One time while skiing together, I twisted my knee pretty badly in a fall, and thought there was no way I could be back on the boards the next day. Considering I fly in from Chicago, this would have been a huge bummer for me. Jill spent 20 minutes on my knee, and I woke up the next morning shocked and thrilled to be pain-free and able to ski the whole day! On another occasion, I crashed pretty hard on spring ice, and again thought the rest of the trip was a goner. I woke up the next morning with my back screaming at me. Jill worked on me, then had me do a few key stretches. An hour later, we were off to the slopes. On more than one occasion, that little miracle-worker has put this Humpty Dumpty back together again to ski another day!
- Linda W., Chicago, IL

Thank you for all your heart-felt care and guidance. Although I haven’t been in for an appointment for over six months, I have not forgotten your “miracle care”. You gave me a reason to get up and live my life each and every day. You guided me with your strong hands and by your own example through a very tough and seemingly dark spot in my life. Thanks to you, I take action when I hurt, I hope when I hurt, and I look forward to the next release. You inspired me! Thank You! Namaste.
- Alyson K.., Denver, CO

I enjoyed my MFR sessions with Jill as I felt relief and more mobility after each session. Last summer I injured my neck from a spill on my bike and the pain went away after a few sessions. Jill also helped me learn to stabilize my pelvis with floor exercises and myofascial stretching. She was very helpful in showing me the proper way to do the stretching with the ball and nola rola.
- Mike M., South Dakota

Jill has helped with both the remediation of my pain and with developing a program to strengthen and realign the muscles that have become poorly aligned or weakened. I would definitely recommend Jill to my friends and co-workers.
- Steve C., MS, OTR, Denver, CO

When my son was 10 years old, he was having difficulty sleeping, had lower back pain and his legs ached at night, keeping him awake. He was treated with Myofascial Release therapy and experienced immediate relief from the pain in his back and the aches in his legs. After a few more sessions, his pain was gone and he was sleeping soundly again. I highly recommend this therapy!
- Trina, Broomfield, CO

After several surgeries to treat breast cancer, I had limited range of motion and tightness around my rib cage, affecting my ability to drive, reach over my head and taking a deep breath was very painful. Nerve damage was also causing sharp pains around the surgical sites. I turned to Myofascial release as a treatment to eliminate the pain and tightness and restore my range of motion. I felt immediate relief after the first session and continued treatment for several months and gained back all of my range of motion and eliminated 99% of the ongoing pain and discomfort. I have recommended this treatment to other breast cancer survivors and always love to hear their success stories and that they had an easier road to better health as a result of this valuable therapy.
- T.B., Broomfield, CO

Chris and I were with you about this time last year, and you were  the one and only person who gave me an inkling of hope about recovery. "You can be normal again!" you said. I wrote it in my journal. I couldn't imagine how, but now I can!
I keep thinking about how strong, beautiful, energetic and happy you are, and how far you have come since your days of intense pain.  I also keep telling myself that you started with just one patient a day. I can do that too. And maybe become strong and energetic like you!
All I know is that without John, and you, and the people in Malvern, I would not have any hope for a future of happiness and health. And now my husband says, "It's so great to see you smiling again!"
I hope you have a great summer full of beauty and love. All the best,
- Rosalie M.,MS, OTR, Roanoke, VA

Jill Stedronsky, MS, OTR
303 332 9171
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

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