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This is a wonderful and unique manual for Myofascial Stretching. The techniques were developed by the authors from their experiences and based on the Myofascial Release techniques that are usually not well documented. The authors have shared their secrets in these techniques. This is a gem. It is not only useful for therapists but also for everyone's own self-care. - K.S., Gainesville, FL

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Myofascial Stretching Book    
Quantity: 1 - 9   $29.99 each  
Quantity: 10-24 $24.99 each  
Quantity: 25 and up $19.99 each  
The four inch ball is necessary to do many of the techniques in the book. See ordering information below if you do not already own this ball. It is recommended to try all three sizes as one size may work better in one area of the body than another.
eBook - Myofascial Stretching Book (Kindle Version)  
$9.99 each   Purchase at amazon
   Click logo to purchase book.


Kindle Reader Read your book on any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone with the free Kindle Reader software. Download here.

Many of the techniques in the book require the use of a small inflatable ball to apply pressure into the fascial restrictions. Before going to Amazon to order your eBook, you can order your balls here. In the book we consistently picture and describe a 4" inflatable ball, but mention that 3" or 5" can also be very effective depending on the area of the body you are releasing and the intensity desired. Balls can be used individually or in pairs. The price is discounted for ordering a set of all 3 size balls.


Easel With an order of 10 books or more, receive a free book easel to display the book for clients in your office. With orders of fewer than 10 books, you are welcome to purchase the white wire book easel.
4” ball
The standard ball used in most situations
3” ball
For children and petite adults, or if high intensity in a specific area is needed
5” ball
For larger framed adults or to engage deeper layers of restrictions in the abdomen and spine
Set of 3
Get one each of the 3, 4 and 5 inch balls
Myofascial Spine Roller Our customers are loving the new spine rollers, which are two 3” balls packed together in a mesh bag. The balls can be easily inflated or deflated through the mesh for the desired firmness, resulting in the first truly adjustable sacrum, spine, neck and head device. We are also having amazing results releasing tight psoas and abdominal fascia with this tool. And, it can be used for CranioSacral still point induction.



We are now offering unique music to use during a Myofascial Release or Myofascial Stretching session.

We have found that these artists, who are also therapists, have been able to bring a healing component to their music through the use of entrainment theory. It facilitates the healing of body, mind and spirit.

Stir into Flame (45 min.)
Stir Into Flame contains approximately 45 minutes of originally composed pieces designed for psychological well-being through the use of tempo, aiding in stress reduction and anxiety calming, as well as the mixing of major and minor keys for cognitive balance. This easy-listening CD can be used for relaxation, as an aid in falling sleep, or as background music for Myofascial Stretching or during a Myofascial Release treatment session. Julie Sheehan is a psychology professor at Regis University and a psychotherapist in private practice in Littleton, Colorado.
Listen to Sample (Christiannas)
Listen to Sample (Hannah's Song)

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                        The next five CDs were composed by Garth Whitcombe, musician and MFR therapist.

His CDs are released by Therapy Muse which he operates together with his wife, Sandy. Garth and Sandy are both licensed massage therapists and advanced practitioners of John Barnes’ Myofascial Release.

Garth, a native New Zealander has worked extensively with the Maori people of New Zealand, both as a musician and arts administrator. Over the past decade he has researched the healing effects of sound and composed music specifically suited to therapeutic applications. He uses myofascial principles in the elements of his musical compositions. He and Sandy, a native Tennessean, own a private practice: Nashville Myofascial Release Center in Nashville, TN.

Manu (60 min.)
Manu A journey to another world. Manu showcases the unique sound of the New Zealand rainforest.

Rare native birdsong recorded on an isolated island sanctuary is woven through the music in an evocative tapestry.
Manu Sampler
Stillness (60 min.)
Stillness Each track of Stillness Song of Creation is 15 minutes in duration and provides the perfect entrainment for a meditative inner journey. Layered within the sound field are centering tones that give the mind something to rest on without demanding thought or attention. The music has multiple levels of such sound, bells, gongs, low drones, insect, ocean, and natural ambience. Each time you listen you will be able to explore a different layer of sound depending on your particular needs for and use of the music. "I find that Stillness centers me at the same time as it takes my patients deeper into their treatments." - Becky Mitchell DPT
Sample (Song of Creation)
Sample (Desert Remembers Ocean)
Sample (Peace Bell)
Sample (Postcard to Hildegard)
Dream Time (60 min.)
Dream Time is a new concept in sonic nourishment. Developed and refined in therapy from composition to final mix, Dream Time has also proven to be highly effective for insomnia.

A harmonic brain charging effect is facilitated through the arrangement of lush passages of real strings carefully recorded to retain all the richness of their high frequency overtones.
The underlying tempo is in the same range as a slow heartbeat, producing a rhythmic entrainment that is profoundly relaxing.

Sample (Odyssey in Dreamland)
Sample (Walk with Angels)
Islands Rising (60 min.)
A celebration of the Pacific Rim recorded in Auckland, New Zealand. A full spectrum sound voyage to the enchanted islands the Maori call Aotearoa. Restful enough to accompany massage therapy and yet vibrant enough to provide a sonic pick-me up.

Islands Rising is being used successfully in schools in New Zealand and America during study time and in remedial work with ADHD, ADD, and with children who have Central Auditory Processing difficulties and sleep deprivation.

Sample (Islands Rising)
Sample (Southern Cross)
Well of Ancestors (60 min.)
Drawn from Celtic mythology, Well of Ancestors is a sound journey through a gentle labyrinth of melody and heart beat rhythm.

Weaving together the three ancient modes of healing music, sorrow, joy and peace, four 15 minute compositions flow into in an evolving, evocative and beautiful harmonic cycle that transcends time and actively supports the healing of body mind and spirit.
Sample (Well of Ancestors)
Sample (Well of Ancestors)
Flow (60 min.)
Flow is an hour long entrainment sequence of evocative musical scenes. Each composition is just over three minutes in length. This CD was developed for use in myofascial self-care, movement modalities, stretching exercises, yoga, and pilates, as well as to support massage and physical therapy.

The tempo range is between 83 and 122 beats per minute, which supports movement and facilitates body awareness and focus.

Listen to Sample (Glass)
Listen to Sample (Spiral)


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